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Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

CEE insist on taking Fair, Honest and Responsible, People oriented, Transformation and innovation as our enterprise values, With a high sense of responsibility to participate in social welfare undertakings, the implementation of corporate core values and long-term commitment to the community。CEE focus on the employees,cooperate with colleges and universities to establish an employee education promotion mechanism,carry out and organize staff training, special training, group travel, sports meeting, staff birthday party and special group activities regularly and irregularly every year,Set up staff activity room, multi-function hall (cinema, KTV) in the factory to enrich staff daily cultural activities.In addition, the magazine zhongjing people is used as a medium to display the elegant demeanor of employees and build a communication bridge between managers and employees.

For CEE, every employee's personal development is closely related to the development of the enterprise.Here, every employee can get different degrees of improvement and development, enjoy the material and spiritual pleasure, feel the warmth of home, the warmth of family.

On the premise of realizing self-value of employees, CEE actively creates a relaxed and friendly working and living environment, and truly makes employees take the company as their home and honor the company!

Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology InC. (stock code: 002579) was founded in 2000. Professional in R&D,production and sales of rigid circuit boards (PCB/HDI), flexible circuit boards (FPC),rigid-flexible combination circuit boards.
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